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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dressing for a slightly thinner me

this Rick Owens jacket

over this Anamika Khanna dress

This morning I felt like a mix of supermodern and the puddling on the floor lenght of the dress. I will wear my purple velvet scarf with this outfit.

I did some handsewn repairs on my old jeans. I tried them on and I was surprised.
I not only was able to get them on over my six-days-a-week-spinning-class thighs, but they were loose!
Taking the excess fat out of me diet is paying off.

I am excited the mega lottery is over a hundred million.(I only play when it's a huge number.
I plan on getting a ticket later today.
I have resent my order to the cosmic universe.

Thank you I Love You.
My Montra for today; may it protect me and provide.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

dressing for the day

going to the movies

Up at 4.
Writing with my headphones on.
Produced one good page.
Going to the movies later.
Need to pick up fruit and veggie juices to take in with.
Might have a date later.

Will change if date happens.
(need to polish boots)

Found a club on the web: write a novel in 30 days.
Of course I joined.
I make myself laugh.
Now back to my own writing.

 menu for today-
chia porridge with blueberries
beet, carrot ,kale, watermelon, pear juice
raw greek pizza
blueberry, peach, bananna, spinach, apple juice, ice smoothie
raw granola

barr method video

Friday, January 22, 2010

raw cold day

...time to change outfit.
I'm going for a walk. This is my mental outfit. I have on steel gray, above the knee thick and long, cashmire stockings. Pale pink boots for the rain.
Back from walk with cold ears.
Block around home contains 104 steps.

Getting organized

my mental reflection today

Rain keeps pouring.
Woke at 4:30 again.
Waited till 6:30 to get up, but I wanted to start working right away.
My issues:  erasing financial debt, finding a home, building business, money, health insurance,  love life, illness, rotten teeth, weighting 119 pounds, working of fiction writing , building a wardrobe

Today's problem- Money.
I need to make it.
if i sell $300 worth a day- $9,000
 1,000 raw food/food/water
    200 storage
   800 sam/rent
   500 sam debt
   500 debt
1,000 car ins, gas, repair
   500 health ins, co pays
  500 business investment
  500 equipment

2,500x12=  30,000
When I sell 300 a day I will rework the system to triple this income stream.
The main goal is owning property. A studio to live, create, blog, raw cuisine experiment, decorate, etc.