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Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting organized

my mental reflection today

Rain keeps pouring.
Woke at 4:30 again.
Waited till 6:30 to get up, but I wanted to start working right away.
My issues:  erasing financial debt, finding a home, building business, money, health insurance,  love life, illness, rotten teeth, weighting 119 pounds, working of fiction writing , building a wardrobe

Today's problem- Money.
I need to make it.
if i sell $300 worth a day- $9,000
 1,000 raw food/food/water
    200 storage
   800 sam/rent
   500 sam debt
   500 debt
1,000 car ins, gas, repair
   500 health ins, co pays
  500 business investment
  500 equipment

2,500x12=  30,000
When I sell 300 a day I will rework the system to triple this income stream.
The main goal is owning property. A studio to live, create, blog, raw cuisine experiment, decorate, etc.

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