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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It tastes like summer.

I am still juicing everyday.
The drinks taste so rich with flavor when the juice is fresh.
I still have the small raw meal in the late afternoon.And lots of tea.
The weight loss has slowed.
I weight 152.
It is what it is, but I miss seeing the scale go down every day, so I have stopped checking every morning.
I have managed to keep my body fat from shooting up so the exercise video must be working. The Tracy Anderson DVD seems so simple (maybe because I can't seem to last past twenty-two minuets) but I can see a change in my profile.
I would love to test if the non organic fruit and veggies are the source or the slower weight loss effect. Maybe it's slowed because a balance is occurring as my body gets used to the juicing.
Still a mystery.
I'm happy with slow.

I just finished reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis.
I need to read it again.

I am excited about my newest toy:

I used it for the first time this morning.
My skin feels as if I have been to the spa.
Usually after a shower I dry off and rush to apply lotion.
This morning I was surprised how moisturized my skin felt right out of the shower.
Why had I not heard of a dry skin brush before?
Small victories.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One week in...

My outfit for the day.
I ordered a book from the library and read it. It's The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. I started adding what I could this week.

When I first began to eat more raw foods I came across this book years ago. It seemed extreme to me then.Now having read the book (instead of skimming through it as I did before),I realized how ready I am ready for it. I went shopping and had the right foods and my plan laid out. I started on Monday.
I had specifically bought only organic items.

I did the Tracy Anderson video three times for about twenty minuets- with loads of breaks.
I love the results so far. I weigh 155. Down Four pounds.
My waist is now 33.5.
I ordered a copy of the book last night as a present for losing four pounds. I love the results so far and the recipes are very easy to prepare, so I want a copy I can keep.
I have some organic carrots and green apples left from the week.
For this weekend I had to look for the most food for my buck and stopped in a tiny grocer in East La for the first time. I look the posters of fresh produce and the really fantastic prices whenever I drive to work and wonder what the produce really looked like.

 organic produce before juicing during the week

Everything looked as fresh as it does at the farmers market. The only missing were greens, so I had to get some spinach elsewhere. I need to give the kale a rest for a bit. I have had it for two weeks with out a break in smoothies, salads and juices.
Time to try out veggies I have never used before.
I spent around nine dollars and have enough to juice the weekend and get through work on Monday. I will consume between 1.5 and 2 liters of juice a day.
Nothing was marked organic in the store.
It will be interesting to see if this weekends produce food hinders weight loss.
I will find the manager and ask where the produce comes from when I go back.
I have been drinking a version of Green Lemonade fro  the Raw Detox Book. I drink it all day long getting in about 2 liters by evening.
This week I had the same dinner, a zucchini salad I made on Sunday with some Yogi berry detox tea. I made enough for the week so that I could relax when I got home in the evening. I would have it cold or warm it for a few hours in the dehydrator.
  Having a great big bowl on hand allowed me to concentrate my energy on making fresh juice each night.

So far so good.

Friday, June 11, 2010

forced to start out slow.......

I have finished my third round of steroids.
I got up today for the first time in a long time and looked in the mirror.
I look awful.
The chip monk cheeks are back from the medicine.
I have gotten my blood pressure up to a normal range and can stand for longer periods.
Now the thing is to build myself up again and get to working out.
I am so excited to be getting a little better.
I am ready to do this.
This will be my third time losing weight after a long period of being ill.
My plan is to avoid doctors and do what I think will work and have fun.

I got a surprise in the mail from Mary S. a reader of one of my blogs:

The Tracy Anderson post pregnancy exercise DVD.
It's been on my Amazon wish list forever.
(Mary, Thank you agian for such a surprise. What a wonderful gift.)

I was inspired to challenge myself out of illness and into my best body when I ran across a great blog:


The plan is to watch the DVD tonight and see how much of it I can on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

eye candy

                                                   The Prince of Persia: The sands of time

Beautiful clothing.
I am not sure why this movie got so panned.
The clothing blew me away.

Friday, June 4, 2010

feeling like myself

                                                     Today's outfit from Ann Demeulemeester
After a medical scare I am resting according to my doctor.
But a woman has to dress. Too many days in my workout clothing has made me itching for some black swathed fun.
The writing is still part of the day. It feels natural now, almost like when I was a kid and filled my note books with stories so fast my father bought blank books in packs of twelve for me.
Although I am not as free flowing as the child writer I was; I get flushed with sweet smile. One I can't help, when I step away from the computer every day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doctor has something to say about this...

I went to my doctor.
Not such good news.
I switched to a birth control pill last month and it seems my period did not want to stop. Now I have painful dark spots on my legs and my breathing is horrible. Somehow it feels so different than my usual terrible asthma attacks. Really wrong. The doctor said I have to take it easy and come back tomorrow.

....that was my draft of my next post.

At the doctors visit I was sent to the hospital.

I went to the emergency room. I had tons of tests and am now home.
The worry was that I had blood colts forming in my chest, among other problems.
My work out program has been down graded for the moment.
No spinning.
No hard exercise.
I am moving the completion date for my on line "best body for me" project to my birthday September 30.

I have ordered an new collapsible mini trampoline to use when I get the go ahead to exercise.

I have to build my potassium and iron levels. So banana and kale based smoothies and  fresh greens heavy juice mixes are in order till my next doctors visit.
It was strongly suggested I eat red meat, specifically organ meat.
After a very long conversation I got my doctors permission to try my vegan way to see if I can get my levels up and be retested at my next visit.

As sick as I felt while I was in the hospital my brain was on business for distraction.
What do I want to offer and how do I want to go about it rolled around over and over. What can new technology provide for my business that a brick and mortar shop didn't ? Where is the profit and the art of it all?
My last business was 20 years of hard but artistically satisfying work. I was young and I liked the small world I had created.
My life has change more than I ever thought it would.
The world feels different and the workplace I want to create will be something new and I will put into place ideas that seemed impossible to get going with a running business.
A clean slate.
Sexy and exciting.

As a child I knew I didn't think like other people and over my life I have learned to be more like other people just to communicate better.
I am now beginning to realize I have thwarted access to what I really need from my mind right now- fresh thought. The access has been cut off a bit and I will be working on listening to my internal process of inspiration for inspiration, insight and creative action to take. Giving it some attention and nurturing.

Today I am researching Natalie Massenet ( founder of net-a-porter.com) and Michael Burry ( founder of the Scion Capital LLC hedge fund) on line. There are some old magazine articles I will re read about them today as I rest and recover.
Natalie because she was doing one thing and took on the inspiration and went for it.
Michael for many reasons. He was in medicine and went for something else. I think he has a form of Asperger's syndrome.  (thinking like no one else seems to be the theme right now)
His ability to analyze a huge field of information and see patterns, now that turns me on.
I am also inspired by his wading through negative feedback and going forward for such a long period.

I am also looking for these book at the library:

John Warrillow, Bo Burlingham
How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions
~ Jack Garson (Author) 

Not sure if they are relevant because they are not really what I am looking for. 
Can't really say what that "is" but I am looking for it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Plans

                                                                         It is a beautiful day today. Above is my dream outfit worn.

I love this photo.
I found the video on you tube.
I marvel at the thought of having such a gym steps from my house and such a trainer to come work me out.
It inspires me even though I am mature enough to realize that my height of 5'5" and with the genetics my parent so graciously gave me will never have me looking like either of these women. I am completely taken over by giving getting the best body I can get a good shot.
I am creating my own personal boot camp of sorts.
Things are getting out of hand. I am eating healthy but this is up against my aging metabolism and the latest round of steroids I had to take in the last few months for medical reasons.
This will be my summer of putting some force and intention on improving my body.
I belong to 24 Hour Fitness.
I have The Bar Method DVDs.
My goal is to add daily exercise and see what I look like on September 1, 2010.

I plan to mix it up, do some experimenting, keep it fun and get the heart pumping.

the main objectives:
-to see what will happen after 92 days of focusing on my best body
-to document the process
-to know what works best for my body and optimum health

                           39.5" bust                              34.5" waist                               40.5" hips                   

                                              13.25" upper arm                     24" upper thigh

weight 159
body fat 41%

the food:
I eat raw cuisine.
The changes will include more green veggie salads, juices and green smoothies. I will also increase the amount of organic and see if that changes anything.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new month

my outfit is from Vera today
I have been writing every day.
Waiting and re-reading it; looking for it to be any good.
I have been using black notebooks since I was in grade school to write my stories.
Now, with my efforts to take myself to task, it is problematic.
I have about a dozen different moleskin journals with various scribbling all over the place.
Now that I'm focused on two stories I want to rewrite in a neater way and the computer works best.
I figured out how to have the stories on the web so that I can get access anywhere I can get to a computer.
In an effort to economize I go to the library looking for books. I read a little and nothing seems to hit the spot.
I've settled on Drood for the time being so that I have something, but I'm nearly ready to go back to my old favorites and the classics.
It seems, with all the things I have wanted for myself, falling in love has been the most elusive.
Today with Valentine’s Day in the air, I feel disconnected from a life that includes a partner and lover.
I am officially an old maid.
What an improvement.
This is much better than last year, when I was just angry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dressing for a slightly thinner me

this Rick Owens jacket

over this Anamika Khanna dress

This morning I felt like a mix of supermodern and the puddling on the floor lenght of the dress. I will wear my purple velvet scarf with this outfit.

I did some handsewn repairs on my old jeans. I tried them on and I was surprised.
I not only was able to get them on over my six-days-a-week-spinning-class thighs, but they were loose!
Taking the excess fat out of me diet is paying off.

I am excited the mega lottery is over a hundred million.(I only play when it's a huge number.
I plan on getting a ticket later today.
I have resent my order to the cosmic universe.

Thank you I Love You.
My Montra for today; may it protect me and provide.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

dressing for the day

going to the movies

Up at 4.
Writing with my headphones on.
Produced one good page.
Going to the movies later.
Need to pick up fruit and veggie juices to take in with.
Might have a date later.

Will change if date happens.
(need to polish boots)

Found a club on the web: write a novel in 30 days.
Of course I joined.
I make myself laugh.
Now back to my own writing.

 menu for today-
chia porridge with blueberries
beet, carrot ,kale, watermelon, pear juice
raw greek pizza
blueberry, peach, bananna, spinach, apple juice, ice smoothie
raw granola

barr method video

Friday, January 22, 2010

raw cold day

...time to change outfit.
I'm going for a walk. This is my mental outfit. I have on steel gray, above the knee thick and long, cashmire stockings. Pale pink boots for the rain.
Back from walk with cold ears.
Block around home contains 104 steps.

Getting organized

my mental reflection today

Rain keeps pouring.
Woke at 4:30 again.
Waited till 6:30 to get up, but I wanted to start working right away.
My issues:  erasing financial debt, finding a home, building business, money, health insurance,  love life, illness, rotten teeth, weighting 119 pounds, working of fiction writing , building a wardrobe

Today's problem- Money.
I need to make it.
if i sell $300 worth a day- $9,000
 1,000 raw food/food/water
    200 storage
   800 sam/rent
   500 sam debt
   500 debt
1,000 car ins, gas, repair
   500 health ins, co pays
  500 business investment
  500 equipment

2,500x12=  30,000
When I sell 300 a day I will rework the system to triple this income stream.
The main goal is owning property. A studio to live, create, blog, raw cuisine experiment, decorate, etc.