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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Plans

                                                                         It is a beautiful day today. Above is my dream outfit worn.

I love this photo.
I found the video on you tube.
I marvel at the thought of having such a gym steps from my house and such a trainer to come work me out.
It inspires me even though I am mature enough to realize that my height of 5'5" and with the genetics my parent so graciously gave me will never have me looking like either of these women. I am completely taken over by giving getting the best body I can get a good shot.
I am creating my own personal boot camp of sorts.
Things are getting out of hand. I am eating healthy but this is up against my aging metabolism and the latest round of steroids I had to take in the last few months for medical reasons.
This will be my summer of putting some force and intention on improving my body.
I belong to 24 Hour Fitness.
I have The Bar Method DVDs.
My goal is to add daily exercise and see what I look like on September 1, 2010.

I plan to mix it up, do some experimenting, keep it fun and get the heart pumping.

the main objectives:
-to see what will happen after 92 days of focusing on my best body
-to document the process
-to know what works best for my body and optimum health

                           39.5" bust                              34.5" waist                               40.5" hips                   

                                              13.25" upper arm                     24" upper thigh

weight 159
body fat 41%

the food:
I eat raw cuisine.
The changes will include more green veggie salads, juices and green smoothies. I will also increase the amount of organic and see if that changes anything.

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