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Thursday, February 11, 2010

new month

my outfit is from Vera today
I have been writing every day.
Waiting and re-reading it; looking for it to be any good.
I have been using black notebooks since I was in grade school to write my stories.
Now, with my efforts to take myself to task, it is problematic.
I have about a dozen different moleskin journals with various scribbling all over the place.
Now that I'm focused on two stories I want to rewrite in a neater way and the computer works best.
I figured out how to have the stories on the web so that I can get access anywhere I can get to a computer.
In an effort to economize I go to the library looking for books. I read a little and nothing seems to hit the spot.
I've settled on Drood for the time being so that I have something, but I'm nearly ready to go back to my old favorites and the classics.
It seems, with all the things I have wanted for myself, falling in love has been the most elusive.
Today with Valentine’s Day in the air, I feel disconnected from a life that includes a partner and lover.
I am officially an old maid.
What an improvement.
This is much better than last year, when I was just angry.


  1. Continue writing, I love this...
    I try too, but I'm not a writer!!

    Warmest regards,

  2. oh how ever did i find you-do you sip tea and eat little cakes-if so we have afternoon tea every day at 4.30 come along if you would like to...