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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dressing for a slightly thinner me

this Rick Owens jacket

over this Anamika Khanna dress

This morning I felt like a mix of supermodern and the puddling on the floor lenght of the dress. I will wear my purple velvet scarf with this outfit.

I did some handsewn repairs on my old jeans. I tried them on and I was surprised.
I not only was able to get them on over my six-days-a-week-spinning-class thighs, but they were loose!
Taking the excess fat out of me diet is paying off.

I am excited the mega lottery is over a hundred million.(I only play when it's a huge number.
I plan on getting a ticket later today.
I have resent my order to the cosmic universe.

Thank you I Love You.
My Montra for today; may it protect me and provide.

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