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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doctor has something to say about this...

I went to my doctor.
Not such good news.
I switched to a birth control pill last month and it seems my period did not want to stop. Now I have painful dark spots on my legs and my breathing is horrible. Somehow it feels so different than my usual terrible asthma attacks. Really wrong. The doctor said I have to take it easy and come back tomorrow.

....that was my draft of my next post.

At the doctors visit I was sent to the hospital.

I went to the emergency room. I had tons of tests and am now home.
The worry was that I had blood colts forming in my chest, among other problems.
My work out program has been down graded for the moment.
No spinning.
No hard exercise.
I am moving the completion date for my on line "best body for me" project to my birthday September 30.

I have ordered an new collapsible mini trampoline to use when I get the go ahead to exercise.

I have to build my potassium and iron levels. So banana and kale based smoothies and  fresh greens heavy juice mixes are in order till my next doctors visit.
It was strongly suggested I eat red meat, specifically organ meat.
After a very long conversation I got my doctors permission to try my vegan way to see if I can get my levels up and be retested at my next visit.

As sick as I felt while I was in the hospital my brain was on business for distraction.
What do I want to offer and how do I want to go about it rolled around over and over. What can new technology provide for my business that a brick and mortar shop didn't ? Where is the profit and the art of it all?
My last business was 20 years of hard but artistically satisfying work. I was young and I liked the small world I had created.
My life has change more than I ever thought it would.
The world feels different and the workplace I want to create will be something new and I will put into place ideas that seemed impossible to get going with a running business.
A clean slate.
Sexy and exciting.

As a child I knew I didn't think like other people and over my life I have learned to be more like other people just to communicate better.
I am now beginning to realize I have thwarted access to what I really need from my mind right now- fresh thought. The access has been cut off a bit and I will be working on listening to my internal process of inspiration for inspiration, insight and creative action to take. Giving it some attention and nurturing.

Today I am researching Natalie Massenet ( founder of net-a-porter.com) and Michael Burry ( founder of the Scion Capital LLC hedge fund) on line. There are some old magazine articles I will re read about them today as I rest and recover.
Natalie because she was doing one thing and took on the inspiration and went for it.
Michael for many reasons. He was in medicine and went for something else. I think he has a form of Asperger's syndrome.  (thinking like no one else seems to be the theme right now)
His ability to analyze a huge field of information and see patterns, now that turns me on.
I am also inspired by his wading through negative feedback and going forward for such a long period.

I am also looking for these book at the library:

John Warrillow, Bo Burlingham
How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions
~ Jack Garson (Author) 

Not sure if they are relevant because they are not really what I am looking for. 
Can't really say what that "is" but I am looking for it.

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