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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It tastes like summer.

I am still juicing everyday.
The drinks taste so rich with flavor when the juice is fresh.
I still have the small raw meal in the late afternoon.And lots of tea.
The weight loss has slowed.
I weight 152.
It is what it is, but I miss seeing the scale go down every day, so I have stopped checking every morning.
I have managed to keep my body fat from shooting up so the exercise video must be working. The Tracy Anderson DVD seems so simple (maybe because I can't seem to last past twenty-two minuets) but I can see a change in my profile.
I would love to test if the non organic fruit and veggies are the source or the slower weight loss effect. Maybe it's slowed because a balance is occurring as my body gets used to the juicing.
Still a mystery.
I'm happy with slow.

I just finished reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis.
I need to read it again.

I am excited about my newest toy:

I used it for the first time this morning.
My skin feels as if I have been to the spa.
Usually after a shower I dry off and rush to apply lotion.
This morning I was surprised how moisturized my skin felt right out of the shower.
Why had I not heard of a dry skin brush before?
Small victories.

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