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Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 2011

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2010
Happy New Year!

I have been doing most posting on my law of attraction blog, but I wanted to return to my personal journal.

My health has been a struggle.
I have health insurance now (Kaiser), a part time job and am going to see Doctors.
I have been getting Iron IV infusions each week and the weight seemed to pile on after each treatment.
I asked my Doctors for a bit of a break from the infusions.
All I could imagine was my body ballooning up and my being house bound because I can no longer get through the door.
I started 2011 weighing 180.2.
I ordered Rawvolution's raw box last week.
I found that I could have easily eaten two full boxes by myself.
I added fruit and greens smoothies, fresh juices, salad greens and chocolate smooth move tea to the delicious dishes in the box.
I plan to order the box once a month.
I exercise every morning. I am trying to do as much cardio as I can. It all but depends on my energy each day.
The work for me is stopping when I need to. I have to make it a point of not thinking about the discomfort I am in at all and just keep showing up.
This morning the scale says 173.2.

It was a dream is to start Hot Yoga last year before my health got sidetracked.
Now I am looking to make it happen this month.
I am a little scared because of my asthma, but I want to try this practice for myself.
My brother will come to the first class with me, just in case.
I figure even if I just recline on my mat and towel for the entire 90 minuets for the first classes ( until I can do more) is my first goal.
I have been actively trying to train my body into consuming more water during the day (I plan to take hot yoga after work). I has been a problem.
I learned that I will be wise to have a drink with electrolytes handy for after class.
I am going to work on a coconut water based drink that will work for me.

I also chopped off all my hair!
It was great to end the year getting the haircut.

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